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V. M. C. Members  >>

Vidyalaya Patron

Maj Gen KJS Thind

Patron, K. V. Sriganganagar



Chairman, VMC

Brig Anil Pandey

Dy GOC , 16 Infantry Div

                                   Chairman, VMC, K. V. Sriganganagar


Nominee Chairman, VMC

Lt Col R S Malik

Nominee Chairman, VMC, K. V. Sriganganagar




Name of Member Designation
1.Brig Anil Pandey Chairman VMC
2. Lt Col R S Malik Nominee Chairman VMC

3.Sh. M.L. Verma, Principal, JNV                            

 4.Dr.Ravinder Singh,  Principal, BSF

Two Eminent Educationists
5.Dr. V.K. Gautam Member from Field of Culture
6.Sh. Navratan Singh Chauhan

7.Mrs. Neelam

Parent Member
8.Mrs. Ponnamma Doctor Member
9.Sh. Balwinder Singh Kala, Ex.En Member
10. Sh. Balram Teacher Member
11Ms. Indira Pandey Member Sec
12.Major Jitender Kaushik Co- Opted Member
13.Sh. D.R.Sen Member DGEWCC

VMC Meeting for Session 2010-11


The Second meeting of Vidyalaya Management Committee for the session 2009-10 was held in K.V. Sri Ganganagar Cantt. at 11.00 Noon on 05-12-2009.

The meeting was chaired by Brig. G S Chima, VSM Dy GOC, and other members who attended the meeting are as under


Col Jagdish Singh

Div. HQ C/O 56APO

Nominee Chairman


Sh. M.L. Verma

Principal, JNV Mahinwali, SGNR

Educationist member


Dr.Ravindra Singh,

Principal, BSF,Sr. Sec.School SGNR

Educationist member


Sh. V.Eswaran,PGT(Maths)

K.V. Sri – Ganganagar Cantt.

Sr. Most Teacher Member


Sh. Bal Ram, PRT

K.V. Sri Ganganagar Cantt.

Teacher Member

Sh. U. R.  Meghwal,

Principal K.V. Sri Ganganagar

Member Secretary


Capt Somali

316 Filed Hospital C/O 56 APO

Doctor Member


Sh.V.S. Pundir,                                  


Member Co opted




1.   Purchase of  Air Conditioner for Computer Lab & Library:-


Principal, informed to the Chairman, VMC & members, as per decision taken in vMC meeting dt 07-09-09 vidyalaya will purchase Air Conditioner & Water cooler on DGS&D rates during session 09-10, (as the copy of rates contract has not received). Vidyalaya has Re- published the notice for registration of firms for the supply of the said items


2.   Renovation of Toilets :-


 Principal, informed to the Chairman, VMC & members, as per decision taken in VMC meeting dt 07-09-09 vidyalaya has published notice for registration of firms but no such firms have turned up for renovation work of toilets. Hence vidyalaya has Re- published advertisement in Rajasthan Patrika for registration of firms for supply of labour & material for renovation of toilets.


  3.     Watch & Wards, Cleaning & Sweeping, Gardening Service:-


     Principal informed to the Chairman VMC &   Members that vidyalaya has published Tender notice in News papers for Watch & wards, cleaning, sweeping & Gardening jobs. & open the tender, contract for next year has been given to firm as per KVS rules.


4.   Medical Check up:-.


               Principal, extended his thanks to the Hon’ble Chairman VMC for providing the Medical Check up facilities to the students of the vidyalaya.


5.   Confirmation of Regular Gr.’D’ employees:-.


               Principal informed that proposal for confirmation of Gp.’D’ employee is being discussed in the present VMC meeting.


After confirmation the minutes of last VMC meeting, following agenda point were discussed:-

1-Repairing of Transformer:-

                     Principal apprised  the chairman VMC and Members that at present vidyalaya has two transformers, one for vidyalaya Air Conditioners & computers lab purpose & second for General lights & fans etc. The Second one requires overhauling/ repairing. Hence vidyalaya has requested to MES for providing the estimates for overhauling/ repairing work of transformer.


2-Purchase of Furniture of Primary Classes:-

        Principal apprised the chairman VMC and Members that at present vidyalaya requires furniture for Primary classes.  Chairman suggested that vidyalaya should purchase furniture as per budget ceilings & as per specification provided by the KVS.


3- Conduct of Extra Classes:-

          Principal informed the worthy chairman VMC that vidyalaya wants to conduct extra classes for board classes i.e. X & XII during winter break w.e.f. 23-12-09 to 01-01-2010, for betterment of the board students.


        Chairman & Members also permitted to conduct the extra classes for board students & Chairman VMC also suggested conducting extra classes for other classes.


4- White Wash of School Building:-

        Principal, informed to the Chairman VMC & Members that Vidyalaya building requires White wash as the White wash work has been done in the year 2006, vidyalaya has requested for providing the MES/CPWD for providing the estimate.


        VMC approved the same & instructed to follow the norms of KVS.


5-Condemnation of old furniture & Old Computers as per guideline of KVS:-

        Principal, informed that as per the approval of VMC vidyalaya has already condemned old furniture & Lib. Books up to book value of Rs. 50,000/- (as per power of VMC), Vidyalaya has still some unserviceable furniture & Computers which is to be condemned during the year, Hence proposal is being submitted by the Furniture I/C & Computer I/C is placed to VMC for approval.


        The Chairman  & Members of committee approve the same & instructed to follow proper procedure.


6.-Inclusion of New Members in VMC:-

        Principal informed that as the parent member has been transferred from the station hence new parent member and Member rep of SC/ST are to be nominated.


        Chairman suggested that a complete list of parent members should be submitted to VMC for selection. Principal assured the Chairman & members that the same will be produced at the earliest.


7-Confirmation of Gr.’D’ staff:-

        Principal, informed to the Chairman VMC & members regarding confirmation of regular Gr.’D’ staff of the vidyalaya, & appraised about the rule position to the members.


        Chairman & members of committee approved the same & instructed to follow the proper procedure for the confirmation of Gp.’D’ employee


8-Any Other Point:-

        Chairman Suggested that vidyalaya must have well furnished language lab (English Lab), so that the students may be benefitted.


          Chairman also suggested that vidyalaya should increase the club activity & mass participation of students of all classes should be monitored, so that over all development of students may be done.


Vote of Thanks:-

          Sh.V. Eswarn, Sr. most teacher member has expressed his deep  gratitude thanks to the Hon”ble Chairman VMC, Nominee Chairman, and other members of the committee for sparing their valuable time to attend the meeting and for suggestions provided for betterment of the Vidyalaya.










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